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Jackets Holiday Update

While I can't write too much because of my travels (Kansas, the state of premier basketball/Louisana, the state of premier football), I just wanted to update people on how the Jackets are doing so far this Holiday Break.

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The Jackets have had two definitive wins this past week, with a 75-41 win against Alabama St. and a 73-41 win against The Citadel. While both of these games were expected wins, the Jackets are learning a lot with these games, continuing their strong defense as well as beginning to shoot much better.

In the past two games, Tech has shot .505 2pt-%(.473 D-1 Average) and .351 3pt-% (.334 D-1 Average).

Stacey Poole was the "6th man" in the Jackets win against The Citadel, as he played 21 minutes during the Jackets win.

Solomon Poole also began his career with the Jackets, playing in both the Alabama St. and The Citadel games.

From, the Jackets currently rank 14th nationally in Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (An estimate of the defensive efficiency(points allowed per 100 possessions) a team would have against the average D-1 offense).

Kammeon Holsey currently ranks 40th on OR%. (OR% = OR/(OR+DR_opp) *

Daniel Miller currently ranks 20th on Blk%. (Percentage of opponents' two-point shots that are blocked by the player while he is on the court).

For the teams that Georgia Tech has lost to currently, Illinois ranks 10th in the nation currently as well as California, who lost three straight at the beginning of December.

Unfortunately, Tech's opponents have not been very "competitive" and have cause Georgia Tech to drop significantly in their RPI rating. They are currently ranked 100th.

Some categories that Tech is below the national average currently are FT%, 2-pt% and 3-pt%, however these past two games have shown improvement in their shooting from the field.

The Jackets are currently holding their opponents to 40.6% from the field, ranking 8th in this category in the nation. The national average for this is 48.2%.

The Jackets were already taller than the average team before the addition of the Poole brothers, however now they are +2.7" on the average team. (national average of 76.7")

Alabama St. Postgame Audio:

Alabama St. Gregory/Miller 1

Alabama St. Gregory/Miller 2

Alabama St. Carter Jr.

The Jackets are hoping to continue their streak with home games against Fordham on December 29th and Chattanooga on January 2nd before their season opener against Miami on January 5th.