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Season Update-Jackets so far

Alright!! Finals are over, and basketball is back on my mind. I contemplated writing something during finals week as I couldn’t focus, but I made the right decision. I’m in a bit of a predicament. I have too much to write about and don’t want to bore y’all too much. Below are a few topics that I think everyone is talking about already, and I want to catch people up, as well as start some more discussion in the comment section.


The Jackets have done a lot since their season opener against Tulane. After seeing the Jackets play at home and away, after playing 8 games, six wins and only two losses, much can be concluded about the team.

They have gone on the road, been tried late at home, and by the end of December they might enter January a completely different team. Here are some stats.

Georgia Tech has a current RPI rank of 64, but Basketball Analysis from ranks the Jackets at 88th in the nation. rank Tech as low as 36. Lets see how Georgia Tech ranks in comparison to the rest of the ACC (out of 12 teams):

  • Scoring Offense: 12th
  • Scoring Defense: 3rd
  • Scoring Margin: 9th
  • Free Throw Pct: 9th
  • Field Goal Pct: 12th (Last)
  • Field Goal Pct Defense: 3rd
  • 3-Point FG Pct: 12th (Last)
  • 3-Point FG Pct Defense: 10th
  • Rebounding Margin: 8th
  • Blocked Shots: 11th
  • Assists: 9th
  • Steals: 9th
  • Turnover Margin: 4th
  • Assist/Turnover Ratio: 6th
  • Offensive Rebounds: 3rd

In terms of individual rankings are considered:

Daniel Miller- 5th in ACC for Blocked Shots per Game

Robert Carter Jr.-16th in ACC for Rebounding

Kammeon Holsey - 22nd in ACC for Rebounding

- 9th in ACC for FT Percentage

- T-10th in ACC for Offensive Rebounding PG

SO what exactly does this all mean? This is a ton of information and it’s hard to draw any serious conclusions from this. However, the first thing that stands out to me is how strong we look in the post on paper individually. Also, third in the ACC for defense is something worth noting, especially with a young team. Sure, we haven’t been playing overly competitive teams, but for a team that is growing, these are good numbers. However, Tech fans, myself included, have not seen exactly this production in the paint that the stats show. Something that needs to get better is shooting from all areas of the court, which in turn will help overall scoring. Tech currently has the worst scoring offense in the ACC. With a combined record of 5-28 for the next four opponents at home before the ACC Opener against Miami, look for the Jackets to try to develop in this category.

I am hopeful for the Jackets. They need some basic changes… More physical down low, which turns into more rebounds, blocks, and better paint presence, as well as better shots which turn into more points. With a young team, things aren’t going to be perfect. I think that most Tech fans saw these next few years for development, and nothing more. Now that the Jacket’s have a serious chance to win more games by the end of January than all season last year, fans are beginning to raise the bar. While rightfully so, I think we need to be careful about this. High expectations will both motivate this team, but could also frustrate them. I think the most important thing is that Tech is moving forward, not back.