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Should Solomon Poole play this year?

Brian Gregory may have rotation problems if the younger Poole suits up.

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Stacy Poole can begin his Ga Tech career Monday night against a really weak opponent, so I suspect that will be a pretty easy transition for him and the team. He isn't new to his teammates, as he has been eligible to practice for the entire Fall season. What happens when his younger brother joins the Jackets?

To begin, Solomon doesn't know the offense and, as a point guard, that should limit his effectiveness considerably. It will come to him, that's almost certain, but how quickly will he be able to mesh with his teammates? Eight games into the current season, three new freshmen are making significant contributions. Stacy will be very much like a freshman when he hits the floor Monday. How much inexperience can an ACC team stand before Mfon has too big a load to carry? How will his addition change the chemistry on the team? Will guys who give up minutes be upset and create distractions?

My bet is that Solomon doesn't play at all for a while. If I am wrong, I think it means he is simply a lot better basketball player than any of our other guards. I will certainly be watching his progress. How about you? Should Solomon play this year, or should Coach Gregory stand pat with his current guys, letting Solomon adjust to school and college life?