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34 Student Athletes Set to Graduate on Saturday

Per Georgia Tech's SID, the following 34 students associated with Georgia Tech Athletics are set to graduate this Saturday with their respective degrees.

Paul Stamatiou

Name Major Sport

Helen Alvey Psychology Swimming

Lynn Blau Industrial Engineering Tennis

Kristen Breitenbach Business Administration Cheer

Sarah Broadley Industrial Engineering Swimming

Oscar Chaney Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Student Manager

Anne Czarnecki Business Administration Volleyball

Kayleigh Dent Electrical Engineering Cheer

Emmanuel Dieke Business Administration Football

Mary DuBard Industrial Engineering Track/Crs Ctry

Carissa Fleming Business Administration Cheer

Richard Gonzalez Electrical Engineering Cheer

Paul Groover History, Technology, and Society Cheer

John Hermes Biomedical Engineering Swimming

Christopher Hicks Business Administration Baseball

Laura Hilton Masters - Industrial Engineering Softball

Bailey Hunter Business Administration Volleyball

Jasmine Isley Industrial Engineering Track/Crs Ctry

Brad Jefferson Management Football

Kevin King Mechanical Engineering Tennis

Evan Martin Civil Engineering Baseball

Jessica Mason Business Administration Swimming

Jhanelle McLeod Economics and International Affairs Track/Crs Ctry

Eric McPherson Business Administration Student Trainer

Monique Mead Business Administration Volleyball

Dusan Miljevic Civil Engineering Tennis

Viet Ha Ngo Economics and International Affairs Tennis

Philip O'brien Industrial Engineering Track/Crs Ctry

Jillian O'Neill Business Administration Tennis

David Sims Management Football

Grace Snell Business Administration Cheer

Rod Sweeting Management Football

Sharena Taylor Science, Technology, and Culture Basketball

Connor Winn Business Administration Baseball

Jahi Word-Daniels Business Administration Football

Ed. Note: Love seeing Word-Daniels on here after he's spent a couple of years dabbling in the NFL. I know that Phillip Wheeler was back in class in the spring too. Makes me proud to know that even while guys are trying to make a career out of football (or actually doing it in Wheeler's case), they still value the ability to have a degree from Georgia Tech.