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A Dark Cloud Approaches: It's Finals Week at Georgia Tech

This week is going to be pretty quiet from my side of things.


Just thought I'd give an update to members of our community who won't be suffering through Hell and high water this week: It's Finals Week on the Flats, meaning you won't be seeing much of me around here this week, if any.

Similarly, you probably won't see much of Nate, Matt, or Chas, either. I, for, one, have a week full of 5 exams, and will not be done until Thursday afternoon.

You might see some of the older guys around here this week in our place -- please don't terrorize them too much in my absence. Also, if you need instructions on what to do when the mods are out, you may want to check out (although this stuff probably won't get you too much karma).

To all of my fellow students reading this, I wish you the best of luck in your finals this week. Hold fast, it'll all be over soon. To all of the alumni reading this, before you enter a flashback, no, you do not have to take any finals this week. Yes, that is PTSD you're experiencing...and yes, that is a pretty big paycheck you're getting on Friday.

See you guys in a week. Hope all goes well for everyone.