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Halftime: Georgia Tech Trails Florida State 21-6

It wasn't a very good first half for the Yellow Jackets. Any chance they're able to come back?

Streeter Lecka

I think it's fair to say that that could have gone better. A little tale of the tape:

Total Yards:
GT 141
FSU 211

Rushing Yards:
GT 99
FSU 147

GT 2-20
FSU 2-14

3rd Downs
GT 1-7
FSU 2-3

That tells me everything I need to know, honestly. Tech can't get anything going on offense to speak of, and can't stop FSU on defense. The 'Noles have scored 3 TD's in 4 possessions, and Tech has kicked 2 field goals in 5 possessions. I'm going to go ahead and say that a comeback victory for the Yellow Jackets here would be nothing short of a freaking miracle. Our team is playing nowhere near the level of a conference champion so far tonight, and I'm not about to act like they might be. We're trying to make E.J. Manuel beat us by throwing the ball, and failing, and yet he is anyways. We have no answer for their offense, and are pulling all of our offensive success so far out of our rear ends. I'm not going to say that the game's over, because it's not, but if nothing changes, and's over.

Agreed, Tech fans? Am I wrong? Are we a few well-placed blocks away from a 30-point lead? Let's lament together.