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Take Your Pick: The ACC (And Then Some), Week 11

Paul Johnson wasn't happy when he heard I was picking against his team...
Paul Johnson wasn't happy when he heard I was picking against his team...
Rob Carr

Georgia Tech (+8.5) @ UNC

This is a tough one for me. We're starting to see some life from the program and we're starting to show some signs of progress, but I just don't know if we can take UNC. I don't like saying we can't cover the spread as an underdog, but I can't really justify saying that this team will keep the game within 9 points at this point. I'm not saying they won't, but I won't be surprised if they don't. UNC covers 8.5 at home.

Miami (+1) @ Virginia

Really not sure at all as to why on Earth Virginia is favored in this game. Sure they're at home, but why would anyone have faith at this point that they could handle a team with much more talent and life than they do? Virginia's first win in nearly two months came last week against the NC State Wolfpack, but I'd rather call that NC State crapping the bed than Virginia really getting their act together. Miami covers and wins straight up.

Wake Forest (+7.5) @ NC State

Again, I think NC State just had a bad case of the ACC's in last week's loss to Virginia, especially considering that they were coming off a heartbreaking last-minute loss to UNC the week beforehand. This week they get their act together against an underwhelming, inconsistent Wake Forest team. NC State covers at home.

Maryland (+31) @ Clemson

This is incredibly tempting just because the line is so large and Clemson's defense has had major issues at times. Really though, I just can't see a team as physically and emotionally damaged as Maryland is walking into Death Valley and keeping the game within 31 points. Clemson covers and puts Maryland out of their misery with this one.

Notre Dame (-20) @ Boston College

Again, huge line here and it's tempting. My thoughts go something like this: "Surely BC can keep this within 3 TD's at home. Then again, BC is coached by Frank Spaziani. Then again, Notre Dame has stumbled and nearly fallen in 3 of their last 4. Then again, Boston College has won twice and lost by at least 20 to both Georgia Tech and Florida State..." BC doesn't have what it takes to a) get past Notre Dame's defense, or b) stop their offense enough to keep in within 3 TD's. The biggest factor here will be the Notre Dame offense. If they can't get much going consistently, they won't cover. But they will, and Notre Dame covers 20 on the road.

Just for Shiggles: Florida State (-13.5) @ Virginia Tech

In their last 14 games, Virginia Tech is 7-7. They're 7-0 at home. At home again, this statistic would suggest that they win this game. Wrong. Virginia Tech is a massive disappointment this year in the world of college football and may just lay an egg at home against Florida State on national television. To put them in perspective, they've won 3 times since beating us on Labor Day, and two of those wins are against Bowling Green and Austin Peay. Two weeks in a row now, they've come out and had completely flat performances against Clemson and Miami. Can they come out and perform in front of a Thursday Night Blacksburg crowd? I say yes...but they won't cover 2 touchdowns.

Parlay Bet: Top 8 BCS Teams Moneyline

The top 8 teams in the BCS are playing, in my opinion, very non-threatening opponents this weekend. Alabama takes on Texas A&M in a game where the media is acting like A&M has a much better chance than they really do, and LSU takes on Mississippi State at home. Both of those teams can handle their opponents, and the other 6 teams are playing unranked opponents, with only Florida and Kansas State playing teams with winning records (TCU and Louisiana-Lafayette). My bold pick of the week is that all of the top 8 teams in the BCS come away with a win.

Readers, I just made some seriously crazy picks. Anybody want to tell me I'm wrong?