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Week 10 BlogPoll Submission

That's the face that I made when trying to decide who's worthy of being in this poll...

Rob Carr

Few notes here:

1) K-State is overall more impressive than Oregon in my book right now, and gets the nod to #2 after an impressive win over Oklahoma State. Oregon's offense is better for the most part, but the Wildcats' defense has been more impressive than that of the Ducks. Yes, Oregon's is improved, but K-State's is still a good bit better.

2) LSU stays put after a last-minute 4-point loss to one of the best teams in college football history. (And I'll point out how close I was to calling the upset of the year...)

3) Oregon State falls a lot after I completely whiffed on their loss last week. This is about where they would be.

4) Louisville jumps up a little bit after an impressive performance against Temple. They're easily the least noticed undefeated team in the country.

5) A&M jumps up after an impressive win over an underrated Mississippi State team.

6) There's a whole bunch of teams at the bottom who are new this week, including a Nebraska team that I'm unsure of why it wasn't in the poll last week. They're in at #18.

Your turn, readers. Where am I wrong here?