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Week 13 BlogPoll Ballot

Quite a few teams crapped the bed this week. They paid for it.

Brian Gregory is really good at expressing my feelings for me, it seems.
Brian Gregory is really good at expressing my feelings for me, it seems.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Teams that were disappointing this week (besides our own):

Florida State - Really guys? You lost to Florida at home? I realize that they're really good on defense, but good Lord, you gave up almost 400 yards and 37 points to that offense? You had a great opportunity to do yourselves and the entire ACC a favor, and you blew it. Badly. C'mon man.

LSU - You know, for the #7 team in the country, that game was awfully close against a terrible Arkansas team that's lost to Louisiana-Monroe and Rutgers. Thank God you stopped them from scoring a touchdown at the very end, or this might have replaced their loss to ULM as the upset of the year.

Clemson - Like Florida State, you had the chance at home to make SEC fans shut up, or at least scream a little softer, but you blew it and lost by 10.

Oregon State - Actually, your falling is more out of losing than being disappointing. You're just the most recent of Oregon's many victims over the past few years, and it was a pretty valiant effort to tell the truth.

Last week's #17-#22 Teams - You all lost. I'm getting real sick of this damn "musical chairs" act at the bottom of my poll each week. Louisville (to UConn), Texas (to TCU), UCLA (to Stanford), USC (to Notre Dame), Michigan (to Ohio State), and Oklahoma State (to Oklahoma) -- get it together, boys. Oklahoma State is the only one that doesn't fall here because it took a better team overtime to overtake the Cowboys. Nice effort there against the Sooners.

Louisville - You get mentioned again here, because a) you're my other favorite team, b) you started off with 9 straight wins before now losing 2 in a row, and c) YOU LOST TO UCONN. AT HOME. Really? In 3 OTs, you couldn't put away UConn??? Two weeks ago I thought you might sneak into the BCS, and now you've gone and lost to then 4-5 Syracuse and 4-6 UConn. Play with some consistency, damn it.