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Georgia Tech Press Conference Audio

Take a listen into the post-game press conference following Georgia Tech's loss in Athens.

Scott Cunningham

Enjoy the audio from the post-game press conference here!

As mentioned in the other article, Coach Johnson was rather chippy in his press conference. Understandable. I was pretty intimidated to ask him anything after he verbally abused the writers from the AJC and Rivals. Take a listen.

CPJ Post-Game

It was obviously a disappointing game for Sr QB Tevin Washington. Here you can listen to him speak about some of the offensive miscues and difficulties that were had.

Tevin Post-Game

So AB Robert Godhigh played a pretty good game, I thought. He had some good runs and was on the receiving end of 5 out of our 10 completions. He spoke about his fumble on the first drive among other things in his interview.

Godhigh Post-Game

Here So ILB Quayshawn Nealy talks about Tech's issues in stopping georgia's running game and I ask him if their offense is the best they've faced.

Nealy Post-Game

B-Backs David Sims and Zach Laskey talked about the success that they've had in the last few weeks. Tech has generated a lot more yards out of the B-Back position than usual in the past couple of games.

Laskey/Sims Post-Game

The press conference concluded with Sr DE Izaan Cross talking about the difficulties that the Front 7 had in stopping georgia's rushing attack. At the end, he makes the quote of the day.

Cross Post-Game