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Postgame Reactions to Georgia Tech's Loss in Athens

In which LilBroey is very selective about the topics he'd like to discuss here.

Scott Cunningham

I'm going to discuss a few topics in this article, in the order of which I'd like to discuss them.

1. Press Box

Phenomenal. Great sweet tea, free hot dogs at halftime, cookies were excellent, free Coke products, beautiful ladies serving statistics and sandwiches. A very nice booth experience overall. A++ would visit again (assuming we win, or even look competent).

2. I Need a Drink

Lots of them. Good God, that was awful. Beer, Whiskey, I'm really not feeling too picky right now.

3. I would need more drinks if I hadn't been mentally prepared for this game for a month now.

We all saw it coming. Time to put on our big boy and big girl pants and accept it.

4. I Met Roddy Jones At Halftime

That guy's pretty awesome. Very down-to-Earth, very personable, very enjoyable to talk to. One of the many associated with this football program that I'm very proud is associated with the school as well.

5. Paul Johnson was NOT happy after the game.

He could be heard chewing the players out from the interview room (which was adjacent to the locker room, connected by a door), and then in his interview gave some very short, chippy answers to a couple of guys that he's usually very cordial with. If we should take anything from this, it's that he's not any happier than we are about the beating that his team just took, and that he's fired up about getting things fixed.

6. Ray Beno now has more receptions this season than Sr. Wide Receiver Chris Jackson.

I will stick to my guns, that reception was the best thing that happened all afternoon (outside of free tasty hot dogs and pretty hostess girls).

7. Welcome to another year of being hounded by the hounds.

Better settle in and get ready to not hear the end of it, Jackets fans. It's OK though, if you get tired of it, Paul Johnson authorizes you to punch them in the face.

8. Our offense was not the problem.

Ready to have your mind blown? Tech was 4 seconds away from having the ball for 40 minutes, and outgained georgia on offense by nearly 50 yards. If I had told you, leading up to the game, that we would accomplish that, would you have bet on us to lose by over 30 points? Me neither. The problem is that those extra 50 yards took another 39 plays to acquire -- Tech made 4.8 yards per play to georgia's 7.7. With georgia's 18 first downs on 49 plays in the game along with only 2 punts in the first three quarters, Tech's defense was unquestionably the weak link in this loss. They're going to need near dominant performances in the final two contests of the year if we're going to see Charles Kelly as our defensive coordinator next year. The way we've been playing has been downright unacceptable.

9. I'm interested to see next year's game.

uga will lose a lot of talent on defense (I'd say they have 6 players who could go in the first 3 rounds of the draft), and Tech will see some talented youngsters get a lot more playing time. Between the talent gap closing and Tech playing at home, I think this game is much closer next year. It's far too early to make any predictions as far as who will win, but I'll tell you right now that I'd have a hard time imagining another 30-point stomping like this.

10. Every game that I've been in the box, we've lost.

Meanwhile, every game that Nate's been in the box, we've won. Next week, we're both in the box. Something's gotta give, but I have a feeling that Nate's record is in a lot more jeopardy than mine.

11. georgia's offense, in my opinion, won't blow anyone out of the water. Their defense is extremely talented though.

The speed all over the field, it was ridiculous. I've never seen so much weight move as fast as they did the entire game. I promise you that 6 of their starters will be playing on Sundays next year....a couple may be Pro-Bowl caliber rookies.

12. Quote of the Day from the press conference came from Izaan Cross:

Question: Did that feel like you were playing a team that was capable of playing for a National Championship?

IC: "I haven't played too many National Championship teams, but they were pretty decent."

Made me laugh, at least.

Final thought for now: It's never as good or bad as it seems. Remember the past few weeks, when we had momentum and felt good and were confident in the team? It wasn't really that good. Keep in mind that right now it isn't that bad, either. We have a shot to go to the Orange Bowl next week. Win that game, and you'll forget all about this game pretty damn fast.

What are your thoughts, readers? Was this game really that much of a catastrophe? Are you completely inconsolable? Are you like me in that you totally saw a loss coming? If you need a shoulder to cry on, let us know in the comments.