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A Thanksgiving Day Treat; Q&A with Tech's own Omoregie Uzzi

Picking the brain of Tech's senior offensive lineman, number 77 Omoregie Uzzi


Today we all get a Thanksgiving Treat. Omoregie Uzzi, Tech's senior All-ACC Offensive Lineman, has agreed to an exclusive Q&A with From The Rumble Seat. For those of you that don't know Uzzi's accomplishments on the field, he was voted All-ACC last year and was a pre-season selection this year. also selected him as a second team All-American. As good as Uzzi's play has been on the field in his career, his personality and impact off the field has been even better. He graduated last year with a degree in Business Administration and stayed at Tech for one more year, and is actually interning this semester and not taking classes. He is also an extremely nice young man who I have known since High School, and he was nice enough to answer my questions. Lets get to it.

FTRS: You were an All-Conference selection last year and had the chance to leave early to the NFL. Can you take us through your thought process about coming back for your senior year? What factored in to your decision to stay?

OU: The number one thing was that I felt that I wasn't ready, and it was one of those decisions that, if you are not 100 percent certain in your decision, why risk it? So, I came back.

FTRS: Your last home game as a Georgia Tech player ended with a victory over the Blue Devils and at least a share of the ACC Coastal division. What was your experience like at Senior Day? How important was it to go out with such a great win like that?

OU: Oh it felt great, I was alot more excited than I thought I would be. It wasn't that big of a deal to me until I stepped on to the field. And then during the game, you know it was really tight until the 4th quarter. And then to go out like that, it felt great.

FTRS: Beyond schemes and all the football preparation that happens during the week before a game, is your preparation any different for the UGA game vs any other game? How is the team's attitude when getting ready for your in state rival?

OU: You know, you really can't try to beat yourself up in practice, you have to save yourself for the game. But it is definitely one of those things that you are gonna try and get just a little bit more hype and a little bit more motivated to come out and, you know, physically dominate somebody haha. But on Saturday, you know all those emotions are gonna come out, the whole 4 years of not having won a game, and you are gonna try and challenge that and come out and get a win.

FTRS: I can't tell you how proud we all are as GT fans that the team seemed to "right the ship" after a rough stretch to start the season and, after Miami's announcement this morning, have ended up clinching a spot in the ACC Championship game and securing a bowl game for the 16th straight year. How did you as players get through some tough losses and also the loss of Al Groh in mid-season to finish conference play on such a strong note?

OU: It was one of those things where one thing happens and you just kind of start building on it. And wherever that spark was, I really can't pinpoint a certain spark, It seems like we have just been building on everything we have done this season, and since we have been winning especially, you got a couple breaks in the past few games. And I am just thankful we were able to win these past three games and gonna try to get the rest of them.

FTRS: Excluding the last 3 games you have to play this season, what has been your favorite memory of playing for Georgia Tech? Is there a game or moment that really sticks out?

OU: The biggest thing that I got from Georgia Tech were my friends. You know I have gotten some lifelong friends here, guys that will be at my wedding, and my funeral haha. Thats the best thing about it.

FTRS: What about one on the field moment?

OU: Oh man, both times that we stormed the field, it was a crazy feeling, just a lot of energy going around. The first time we stormed the field, back in 09 vs Virginia Tech, it was a big moment for me but last year vs Clemson was even bigger because I had a lot more to do it with that game, I had a little to do with VT but I didn't start or anything, I played a little. It was one of those times where everyone on the field had so much energy and everybody on the field was, not connected haha, but you know, the fans get involved. It was great to see, that so many people came together for one little moment.

Wanna give a big thanks to Uzzi for agreeing to this, I know all of you readers will be cheering him and the rest of the seniors on this Saturday and the next. Happy Thanksgiving!