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Tech Fans: Paul Johnson Wants YOU Cheering on Our Jackets in Charlotte

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to support this team like never before. They've 'wow'-ed us this season, pulling themselves up from the pits of Hell that they had dug themselves into, giving themselves and this program new life, a berth in the ACC Championship game, and a chance to go to the Orange Bowl.

It's been an incredible roller coaster of a season so far. From losing at Virginia Tech in heartbreaking fashion, to whipping Virginia at home, to losing another heartbreaker to Miami and a terrible one to Middle Tennessee, to a revitalizing win at home against Boston College, followed by another bad loss on Homecoming to BYU, to the 3 straight wins reeled off to attain bowl eligibility and win the Coastal Division -- I told you, it's been crazy.

But after it all, this team now has a chance to go and do something special -- something they haven't done in 14 or 3 years (depending on if you ask the NCAA or literally anyone else) -- and we need to be there to support them. Why can't you go? It's only a 4-hour drive from Atlanta. You can get tickets for $35 as a student (for the student section), or for only $10 on StubHub. Students: perhaps you have a test the next week? Wrong, you don't. It's Dead Week. There are no tests that week.

LET'S GO TO CHARLOTTE AND SUPPORT THIS TEAM. Let's show what great fans we are and be there for this team as they play for a conference championship.

Students: If you're looking to go to this game and need a ride, I'm working on organizing a bus. Contact me for info at