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Its Official: Georgia Tech is Going to the ACC Championship UPDATED w/ Bowl Scenarios

As a result of self-imposed sanctions by the Miami Hurricanes, GT will represent the coastal division on December 1st.


Well, if you saw us going to the ACC championship coming a few weeks ago, I think you would have been laughed out of the room. More on this story as it develops today and throughout the coming weeks.

UPDATE: The bowl projects don't play out well for us if we lose both of our upcoming games and some other folks win theirs, according to Jerry Palm of

Second, oh crap Georgia Tech -- you have games left with Georgia and Florida State. You have a very good chance of finishing 6-7 and not going to any bowl at all.

The Yellow Jackets and Miami become ineligible, leaving my bowl projections with only 67 eligible teams.

Fortunately for Georgia Tech, they get to be a fill in team at 6-7. The NCAA's new method for dealing with a shortage of eligible teams gives the Jackets a chance to go bowling, so they would play in the Sun Bowl, which is the floor in the ACC pecking order for the conference title game loser.

However, if there are enough eligible teams otherwise, Georgia Tech is out. There are no more "waivers" for teams that finish 6-7 after losing a conference title game, like UCLA received last year.

I would say I don't like the sound of them odds, but with Wake Forest playing Vandy this weekend and unlikely to get to get to 6 wins, I don't see all the ACC bowl spots getting filled up and us getting shut out in the first place. Good ol' ACC: always happy to leap into the grave we've dug ourselves.