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Week 12 BlogPoll Ballot

Including some bitter decisions being made.

Paul Johnson thinks your polls are a bunch of crap.
Paul Johnson thinks your polls are a bunch of crap.

The first thing I'll say here is to welcome the SEC to the School of Hard Knocks. All of your collective strength of schedules dropped this week, and so the entire SEC (save Alabama, due to erroneous circumstances beyond the control of this poll) drops at least one spot this week. It's also Hate Week, they looked bad against Georgia Southern, and Stanford had a huge win this weekend, so georgia gets a bonus spot of dropping. If you are an SEC fan and have a problem with this, that really sucks, because you can just DEAL WITH IT.

Now, onto more explanations. Notre Dame, 'Bama, and Florida State move up in the wake of Oregon and K-State's losses. Oregon only drops to #4 because they lost in a very close game to a very good team (who rises to #6). K-State falls to #7 because they got lit up by Baylor. LSU falls a bonus spot for almost losing to the second-worst team in the division. Clemson falls a spot to make room for Stanford (they didn't look particularly good against NC State, either). Oregon State jumps up on principle after a big win and the SEC scheduling cupcakes.

The rest of the pack was basically just shifted around according to my interpretations of the weekend's events. This season has been absolutely ridiculous and has taken a few months off of my life at the very least.