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Take Your Pick: The ACC, Week 12


Duke (+11.5) @ Georgia Tech

This game terrifies me. We're on a roll. We've won 3 of 4 and are playing a team that we traditionally have little trouble with. We're once again double-digit favorites. And yet, after everything we've seen this season...I still don't trust this team to cover an 11.5 point spread against a team that would typically be a "gimme" win. I think Duke covers in this game and it's closer than expected, but in the end the Jackets pull out the win to attain bowl eligibility and a chance to go to Charlotte to represent the Coastal (beyond all reason, yes, I know).

Florida State (-31) @ Maryland

Florida State is playing a divisional game on the road against a spread that's over 4 touchdowns. There's no reason that they would cover this spread, except that Maryland is having a terrible run in a bad season. The biggest shot that Maryland has at covering here is if they can sneak up on an FSU team that's looking ahead to next week's matchup against Florida. I doubt that happens though. Seminoles somehow cover 31.

Virginia Tech (-8.5) @ Boston College

I was a little surprised that the spread on this game was so reasonable, until I realized that Boston College isn't necessarily as bad as they've looked at times, and Virginia Tech's not nearly as good as they should be. Still, I think that it would take a lot for Boston College to stay in this game, and I just don't see Virginia Tech allowing them to accomplish it. Hokies cover 8.5.

Miami (-7) vs South Florida

Miami's been something of a disappointment this season, but South Florida has been much more of one. At home on Senior Day against an in-state opponent, I think that Miami gets it done and wins by 10+. Miami covers 7 and wins at home.

NC State (+17) @ Clemson

This one's tempting. The Wolfpack has shown signs of greatness at times this year, and in the first half of the season I would have told you they were one of the most underrated teams in the country. Clemson's been pretty consistently good all year though and has only lost once, that being to Florida State. I have little doubt in my mind that Clemson wins this one in Death Valley, but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me to see NC State cover. That said, I'll pick Clemson to cover 17 against my better judgement.

Wake Forest (+22) @ Notre Dame

Simply put, Wake Forest's offense has been abysmal all year, and they'll be playing against a Fighting Irish defense that leads the country in points allowed at 11.1 per game. Notre Dame's offense is not quite what I'd call a spectacle, but I still have a feeling that they can score 24 points more than Wake Forest can while at home. Notre Dame covers a very large spread.

Stanford (+21.5) @ Oregon

This matchup HAS to be within 3 touchdowns, right? Surely there's no way that Stanford gets blown out like this, even in a hostile road environment like the Autzen Zoo. Now, this is the part where you expect me to rebut this statement with a reason as to why they'll get blown out by 3 TD's as the line suggests. That assumption is incorrect in this situation. I seriously don't see this game being decided by 3 TD's or more. Oregon still wins, but not by that much. Stanford covers, but Oregon pulls out the victory at home on Senior Night.

You tell me, readers. Who you got this week?