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Technical Tidbits 10/9/12: In Which Pink Slips are Distributed

As you may know, we fired Al Groh yesterday. Here's what the broader internet had to say about it.

Heather Spinich spits her usual retardery. Let's break this down a little bit:

  • "How many coordinators out there want to coach a defense that has to practice against the triple option every day, only to face an offense like Clemson one week and Virginia Tech the next?"

Are you kidding? Have you ever heard of a scout team? PJ addressed this exact question in his news conference yesterday, its hardly a surprise she didn't take her time to do her research and find out, that this is in fact not true at all.

  • "How many coordinators out there more knowledgeable than Groh will take that job?"

As was addressed here yesterday, knowledge wasn't the problem, it was the communication and transfer of the knowledge to the players. As long as we find a good communicator who's even slightly less knowledgable, we'll have fixed the problem. I could go on. You get the idea.

Here's the link to CPJ's press conference yesterday if you want to see the whole thing for yourself.

To all the folks that are clamoring for CPJ's head, Jeff Schultz and Dan Radakovich are handing out free muscle relaxers.

Bill C. continues his normal pattern of using facts and sense to make his argument in his hot seat ratings, but Bud Elliot, we really expect better than this from you. He's making practically the same arguments as Spinich, which as any ACC fan knows, is the kiss of death.

Paul Johnson gives an interesting interview with the Macon sports talk guy (Bill Shanks) and talked about the firing. Interesting points include changing from a 2-gap scheme to a 1-gap scheme and what he thought went wrong.

At least we can our coach hasn't given like this yet. Charlie Weis practices without seniors on Sunday, to ‘develop younger players for the future’ | Dr. Saturday

Ken Seguria does a piece Examining Groh’s work at Tech.

And, in your having-nothing-to-do-with-Georgia-Tech story of the week, make your life a little better by reading Drew Magary's Deadspin funbag.