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Press Conference Notes: Al Groh Relieved of Duties at Georgia Tech

We'll be updating this as the conference goes on. Stay tuned.

Opening statement:

"Bottom line is I felt like we needed to go in a different direction."

"Haven't seen an improving trend."

"We're not ready to give up, we have six games left and are looking to move on."

On when the decision was made:

"This morning, I took some time and watched the game tape and went over it. There's no question Al knows defense, but the communication part wasn't transcending to the field. Lots of errors, struggles getting lined up, errors that kept repeating themselves. As I said a couple weeks ago, I don't think he forgot everything he knows about defense."

Interim Coordinator:

"Charles Kelly will probably run meetings, Andy McCollum will coach inside linebackers, Dave Walkosky will coach the defensive line, Joe Speed will coach the outside linebackers."

On CPJ's role moving forward:

"Will set some perameters and framework, depending on how it goes I'll step in. They've all been coordinators before."

Other miscellaneous quotes:

"I don't want to come in on Monday and watch 40 missed assignments."

"It was inevitable, at least to me, that it wasn't getting any better."

"If you can coach offense, you'd better be able to coach defense."