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Postgame Reactions: Georgia Tech Loses at Clemson

For the third straight week, Georgia Tech has lost after an impressive offensive performance.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

How does it feel?

We put 31 points up against a rival team, and won by 2 touchdowns. A year later, we did the same thing, and lost by 16.

We were so high on our defense after the first 3 games, even including a loss, and have yet to be impressed by them in 3 games since.

In the last 3 games, we're 40 yards short of allowing a mile of offense to opposing teams, and have given up a combined 138 points.

In the last 3 games, teams are a combined 31-for-46 (67%) on third down against our defense. I'm scared to find out the rate on third and 7 or more. We've sunk to a ranking of 103rd in the country in that stat, putting us in roughly the 14th percentile.

A team that is in the top quarter of NCAA teams in points per game has lost 4 of the 6 games they've played this season.

How does all of that feel?

I'll give you a hint: It's a crappy, crappy feeling. One that makes it much, much more difficult to be a fan of Georgia Tech. Nobody likes watching their team lose. Everyone hates watching their team lose like this.

The defense is the clear, blaring problem here. Over 3 games, we've scored 32 points per game on average and lost all 3. Newsflash: when you score 32 points per game and lose, it's not the offense's fault.

At this point in the season, I'm really curious to see where we go. Hopefully we make it to a bowl game. Chances are that we'll beat very bad Boston College and Maryland teams. BYU isn't looking good, especially considering that they'll be coming off of consecutive games against ranked teams (Oregon State and Notre Dame). Even Duke has 5 wins already, and UNC just beat the Virginia Tech team that we lost to to start the year. It's almost a given that Vad Lee's playing time will increase majorly, as the team has failed on most of its goals so far and will work on improving our young guys as we look to next season. I hate to see our seniors go out this way, but it is what it is. Al Groh is almost certain to be let go or "encouraged to retire" at season's end (remember, year 3 was supposed to be the year everything 'clicked'). Who will replace him is uncertain. Rumors surrounding the program say that there will likely be a "cleaning house" of the coaching staff at season's end.

To use a phrase I've used quite a bit lately, from here on out we're playing with house money, which is to say that we don't have much to lose and everything to win. Hopefully we save the one thing we have left to lose and reel off 4 wins and make it to a "bowl" game. Who knows, maybe we beat georgia for the first time since 2008, or win in a bowl game for the first time under Johnson. Not that I'd put as much as a dime on either of those things happening, but as it would turn out, college football is a bit crazy sometimes.

All is not lost yet, Tech fans....although most seems to have been. For now, we have to ride out the storm that is this season by expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Coach Johnson isn't going to be fired at season's end -- his buyout at this point is still enormous and, as previously stated, his offense still isn't the problem. For every other coach, though, it'll be open season, and hopefully for them they'll have found a place to hide.

It's gonna be a long next couple of months, Tech fans. Hope you're settled in and mentally prepared for the ride.

How are you feeling? Are there any bright spots on this team? Did I say anything that is incorrect in your mind?