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Technical Tidbits 10/31/12: In Which the Program is in Ashes

Uhhhhhh....yeah. Is it baseball season yet?

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This is the BYU game.  And the week we've had.
This is the BYU game. And the week we've had.
Scott Cunningham

Wow. Its been a rough week. After getting shellacked by Mitt Romney and co, we got blindsided by the loss of our AD, who had been great for the program and great for the athletes. Let's try to gather our thoughts in this chaotic time.

At least we D-Rad didn't ditch us for the poor kids. Travis Sawchik of the Charleston Post & Courier reports his new deal makes him the 2nd highest paid AD in the ACC.

Wanna go to the duke game for cheap? Well you can, with fantastic offers now from stubhub! No, seriously, please come.

Reddit has quite the entertaining thread going about how sick everyone is of the SEC.

ACC Sports Journal has an article on how we're kind of totally bonked this season.

Ken Suruira, as usual has your quotes from Bud Peterson and Paul Johnson regarding D-Rad's departure, who's starting at QB at MD ("Typical PJ ambiguities" meter is off the charts on this one), and more.

Jeff Schultz has a good piece that may explain some of D-Rad's rationale in leaving.

A little old, but the indispensible ACC-SEC blog takes on the question of Georgia Tech, quarterback controversy, and you.

You want good news, you say? Of course we should look to beesball!

And finally, in your not-having-anything to do with GT news, pee-wee football gambling ring is both elaborate and busted. Of course this happened in Florida. Go gata?