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Technical Tidbits 10/23/12: In Which We're Not Much Better

When you play Boston College and the only thing that saves the day is roughing the punter, you're gonna have a bad time.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

We're celebrating National Mole Day in the United States, but here at Tidbits HQ there is a somber mood. "Why?", would say only the most ignorant or inattentive of observer, "You won!" Aye, we may have won the game, but no such victory was inspired in this group of egregious engineers. "Why" again say you, you pesky outside observer. Well, we here at FTRS aim to educate, so let's find out.

Ken Sugiura succinctly analyzes our problems on special teams on Saturday. Re: the botched XP: kicker Justin Moore said that holder David Sims was holding the ball a terrible angle, which lead to the miss. So its not all bad, I guess?

We also have something ELSE to worried about on defense, Sugiura says.

At least we have something to be slightly happy about, as BYU can't seem to hit the big play.

ACC refs took a page out of the NFL replacement ref book (as usual) during the Fla. St. Miami game, and are now being reprimanded by the ACC. ITS ABOUT TIME you noticed how crappy your officiating is, ACC.

And finally, Here's your halloween costumes of the year.