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Week 8 BlogPoll Draft: In Which Explanations are Necessary

This week's BlogPoll Ballot is a little confusing at first glance.

Bill Snyder, you magnificent bastard....
Bill Snyder, you magnificent bastard....
Brett Deering

A few things to note here:

1. Kansas State gets the bump to #3 for an all-around dominant performance in a hostile road environment against a conference opponent whose offense has been incredibly potent for most of the season.

2. Notre Dame is simply a casualty here, but Florida drops a spot themselves for a terrible offensive performance. "But Joey, they scored 44 points!" Yeah, mostly due to their defense. They had under 200 yards on offense, and 3 of those TD drives were of 12 yards or less, meaning 44 points is rather skewed here. Still though, that defense is a terrifying thought for opposing offenses right now.

3. South Carolina may need to fall farther, but I can't put them below georgia (they beat the Dwags) and I can't justify georgia being any lower than they are.

4. Speaking of georgia, they lose 3 spots for having such a tough time with a Kentucky team whose only win is against Kent State. Only one loss for them was closer, and it was against Western Kentucky in overtime. I have a feeling that the party for uga fans in Jacksonville will end shortly after kickoff this coming Saturday.

5. West Virginia drops out altogether, because good Lord, they couldn't do anything right. What happened to that team in Austin a couple of weeks ago? They haven't been the same since.

6. TCU stays in the poll because an overtime loss to a ranked team isn't that bad.

You tell me, fine folks at FTRS: Are my rankings justified here? What did I screw up? How badly will georgia get beaten this weekend?