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Halftime Report: Dominance and Vad Lee!

What's up from the Boston College game at the half.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

First of all, Ron Cherry is the ref for the game, so no matter how that goes, at least there's that.

The first quarter looked pretty good. We went up 7-0, outgained BC 227-21, and stopped them on TWO third downs (WAT). The defense also swarmed around to the ball and shut down BC's leading rusher and receiver save one or two plays. There was really only a few things that stood out as egregiously bad, which is sure as shit better than it has been this season. The blocking on the outside was sketchy for a little bit, though CPJ seems to have yelled that mostly out of the offense. We couldn't run the ball on the inside on our 2nd drive, but was still able to out-athlete BC on the outside anyways. Most importantly, however, we still weren't getting a pass rush, and that was killer on a few plays.

In the second quarter, we established dominance. The pass coverage shored up very well (giving up only 88 pass yards, but ~40 of those came in garbage time at the end of the quarter when we were in prevent), the run D didn't allow shit (8 yards in the quarter), and were still flying around to the ball. The only problem I really saw was at the end of the quarter we started getting a little apathetic, trying to push guys out of bounds instead of tackling them, etc. We missed another field goal, but other than that, the special teams were sound, giving up no big returns (>25yds). A lot of this performance (at least offensively) is because we have superior athletes, but we've gotta keep in mind that the defense looks fired up and ready to play, and that's really what was important in this game to me. So what do you think about this so far, guys? I like it.