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Questionable Queries: Submit Questions for Paul Johnson and Others!

Nate will be in the press box tomorrow, and that means he'll be interview CPJ and others after the game. Submit the questions you want heard here!

Its still hanging in my room.  God Bless GT Media Relations
Its still hanging in my room. God Bless GT Media Relations

Hey all, I'll be in the press box tomorrow, and this grants me access to post-game interviews. Here's your open thread to tell me what questions I should ask CPJ/Coach Kelly if he's available. Also, We can request players that we would like to appear in the post-game interviews. However, all such requests must be in by the end of the 3rd quarter. Thanks for your participation!

Also, there's this pesky 150-word minimum for a story (I know I could make this a Fanpost/shot Joey, but then I couldn't highlight it in the story stream, so a pox on your editorial nuances), so I'd like to take this opportunity about a little tailgating video I've been putting together over the course of the season. It aims to highlight Georgia Tech tailgaiting culture and how unique it is since we don't get big, sprawling fields or a huge campus like most of the other state schools. If there's anything you want to see in that, post it here.

UPDATE: I'm going to stop taking questions in the middle of the fourth. So get them in before then.