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Technical Tidbits 10/2/12: In Which we All Have Exploded

After the absurd "game" on Saturday, lets put ourselves in perspective and see what the rest of the interblogz is saying, and try to move on as well.

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So unbeknownst to me on Saturday (I was hiking/shooting in the N.C. mountains), the world went crazy. It rained cheese, the sky turned purple, and we lost to Middle Tennesee State. The reaction around these parts is well documented and much like the sky/cheese scenario described above (except the cheese is on fire), but what about the broader internet? Well, lets find out shall we?

Deadspin happily reminds us that that no BCS conference opponent has given up as many points as we did to MTSU.

Shutdown Fullback also makes fun of us (twice!) but at least its funny.

The Athletic Association's official reaction? COUNTDOWN TO CLEMSON WE DIDN'T PLAY FOOTBALL ON SEPTEMBER 29TH WHATS FOOTBA...(static).

The ACC-SEC blog has a comprehensive and far too premature list of candidates for the defensive coordinator position.

And now, the cheerier side of things: go dwagz, baby.

Coach says we still have plenty to play for, per the AP. Lets hope he can communicate that to the players, because as you all know by now, I am of the staunch belief that the only real problem that we had on Saturday was a lack of energy. That was the spring from which hell rose forth, not a lack of talent or recruiting or scheming or what have you.

Kelley Quinlan has some really great and interesting insight in his jacketsonline war room post today (link req. registration).

And, in today's having-nothing-to-do-with football news, we have a beautiful taiwanese animation of the U.S. collapse at the Ryder Cup. They're good with golf, those Taiwanese 3-D animators.