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Q&A With BCInterruption

As we approach Saturday's match-up with Boston College, FTRS was able to sit down with A.J. Black of BCInterruption to help us to get a little more familiar with BC's football team and fan culture.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics
FTRS: Seems that you guys aren't too fond of your head coach, Frank Spaziani...what's the mentality there? Not enough wins? A poor attitude? A poor approach to how the game is played?

BCI: Yeah....we aren't too fond of Spaz. It has to do with basically every facet of the way he handles the team. He doesn't manage in game at all, he fails to make adjustments, he throws good players off the team, he is a terrible recruiter, he throws players under the bus after games. He threw our all time leading rusher off the team, suspended last year's top receiver, and benched last year's top RB, all for reasons unknown. Plus if you look at the big picture, BC is a hot mess right now, with a downward trend in wins that started with Spaz's first year and has continued ever since. You name it, Spaz is bad at it.

FTRS: Georgia Tech fans would tell you that we think that our team is better than our 2-4 record would suggest. Do BC fans feel similarly about their team?

BCI: Not really. As long as Spaziani is coaching this team, this is exactly what we expected to be the case. Now if he was gone and we had a different coach, I think we would be expecting a better record. Rettig is an excellent quarterback, and we have some talent on the roster, certainly enough talent to beat teams like Army and Miami. And believe me, most BC fans don't have high expectations for this game given what we saw from the Eagles last time they faced a triple option offense.

FTRS: Like Tevin Washington, Chase Rettig is in his third season of starting (it would appear, at least). However, fans here are anxious to have Tevin leave so that we can get a couple of highly-rated QBs into the mix. Are fans tired of having Rettig around or is he more of a crowd favorite?

BCI: We love Chase Rettig. This year has been simply unbearable for most BC fans, and Rettig has been the lone bright spot on the team. He has improved drastically under new offensive coordinator Doug Martin, who has instituted a pass heavy spread system at the Heights. Before last weekend's epic butt whooping, Rettig had the highest yards per game in the ACC. Fans love him, he is tough, has been hit hard for three years at BC, but continues to produce, we just hope our porous offensive line doesn't get him killed by the end of the season.

FTRS: What's the local opinion of Tom O'Brien, a guy who left to go to a team within BC's division after having a lot of success with the Eagles?

BCI: If there is someone BC fans revel in schaudenfreude in, it has to be the Notorious TOB. BC fans obviously appreciate what he did for the Eagles, especially given the state of the program right now. He averaged 8 wins a season during his time here. But O'Brien never could win the big game, and always seemed to lose just at the moment when BC was about to turn that corner (see Syracuse, Diamond Ferri, 2005). Now he got his dream job with the Wolfpack and has done little to nothing. BC fans always look forward to two things. 1) Watching TOB blow it and 2) Watching BC beat him at Alumni Stadium

FTRS: How much of a hero is Mark Herzlich for the BC community?

BCI: Hero? Yes. Let's just say I was at the Gameday game in 2010 when Herzlich announced that he was cancer free, and I was openly weeping. I love the guy, and most Eagles fans would agree. I love his story, I loved his play, and even though I am a diehard Pats fan, I love watching him with the Giants. I have a Herzlich BC jersey, a "Beat Cancer" jersey, and a Beat Cancer towel up in my office at work.

FTRS: Georgia Tech's fanbase is limited largely to those who went to school there or whose relatives did. Of the Boston College fanbase, how many do you think went to the school or are related to someone who did?

BCI: Most BC fans are either alumni or related to an alum. Boston like Atlanta is a hotbed for education, and there are a ton of colleges in the area that vie for attention. Many of those schools like UConn and UMass like to whine about BC and our perceived superiority. But whatever, neither of those schools have much of a history in football, and love to cry about it.

FTRS: As one myself, I'm aware that drinking is quite the pastime among Catholics. What's the drink of choice around your parts for gameday?

BCI: Oh I love to enjoy a good brew. Boston has a ton of great breweries, and those beers can be found on display at any good BC tailgate. Obviously the biggest Boston brew is Samuel Adams. I usually have a few cases of that on ice at my tailgate. Also around New Englad, we feature my favorite, Harpoon. And if you are a fan of the girly beer, right now Shipyard (Based in Maine) has a Pumpkin beer called "Pumpkinhead" that is really popular with the ladies.

Thanks so much to A.J. and the guys at BCInterruption for the insights here! Head over to to check out our answers to their questions, as well as a lot of good info on Boston College football.