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Take Your Pick: The ACC, Week 8

It's all in-conference games this week, as the schedule involves 6 ACC matchups. Here at FTRS, we took our picks among these 6 games, as well as the biggest nationally relevant, non-ACC game of the week.

Georgia Tech takes the field against Clemson.
Georgia Tech takes the field against Clemson.
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Boston College (+13) @ Georgia Tech

LilBroey700 -- Here's the thing. I'm (perhaps foolishly) confident that Georgia Tech will win this game, so my straight up pick is an easy one. But with a new defensive playcaller and a team that's effective at passing, can we cover a 13 point spread? I'm saying no, BC covers.

Atlanta's original team -- Boston College is certainly no better than Virginia this year so surely Tech will wake up and play ball and overwhelm the point spread.

GTNate -- I don't make predictions in games GT plays in, too superstitious. (Ed Note: Back to the non-committal picks...)

Virginia Tech (+11) @ Clemson

LilBroey700 -- Virginia Tech has been embarrassingly bad this year. Their defense has been a catastrophe, which isn't very comforting as they go to play a high-powered Clemson offense. Interestingly enough, this spread is larger than when we played Clemson...and we covered it (as far as I'm concerned, we had the spread covered with a minute to go when Clemson decided to go full douchebag and score again instead of just running out the clock as we do against teams...WE COVERED, DAMN IT). Clemson covers 11.

Atlanta's original team -- Virginia Tech does not beat the spread. What do we know about VT this year? We know that the only team in the ACC that they are demonstrably better than is Duke. Clemson beats the spread and may rout them.

GTNate -- Take Climpson but not the points, we're looking at a blowout here people.

Wake Forest (+5.5) @ Virginia

LilBroey700 -- I'm a little surprised that Virginia is favored in this game. Wake Forest has shown some flashes of impressive play, although they lost a couple of weeks ago to a Maryland team whose offense is one of the worst in the country. I'll take Wake Forest to cover 5.5, and straight up in this game.

Atlanta's original team -- Wake Forest beats the spread against Virginia.

GTNate -- Hard pick, just because both teams are so shitty. I gotta go with Jim Grobe here though and take WF straight up but go with the spread on this one, its gonna be won by a field goal.

NC State (-4.5) @ Maryland

LilBroey700 -- Make no mistake, NC State is not a national championship contender -- but I do think they're one of the most underrated teams in the ACC, if not the single most. It's a very good 4-2 team overall in Raleigh. Meanwhile, Maryland is probably the worst 4-2 team in the country. That whole thing about being as good as your record? Yeah, it doesn't apply there. NC State covers 4.5 on the road.

Atlanta's original team -- Maryland beats the spread against NC State and perhaps wins this upright. They have a certain nastiness of defense that keeps getting underestimated.

GTNate -- N.C. is markedly better than MD no doubt. Can't take the points though as this one is gonna be won by a touchdown. NC State covers.

North Carolina (-10) @ Duke

LilBroey700 -- GUYS. DOOK IS 5-2 AND ALMOST BOWL ELIGIBLE (or maybe straight up bowl eligible, depending on how things shake out). And it's going to be hilarious if they lose 6 in a row down the stretch (after leading Virginia Tech 20-0) to fail to win 6. North Carolina covers 10 and will run away with this one.

Atlanta's original team -- North Carolina beats the spread and beats Duke.

GTNate -- DOOK BOWL 2012!!! I WANT TO BELIEVEEEEEE!!!! I'm taking dook and the points, because they will not win this rivalry by much if they in fact pull out the miracle and win at all.

Florida State (-17.5) @ Miami

LilBroey700 -- Picking against Florida State's spreads is quickly becoming a game between betters and line-setters. It's like a game of chicken. Nobody on their entire schedule is a worthy opponent until they play Florida (I know, NC State, I know...yes, you're underrated, but you got lucky to beat Florida State), so it's gotta be fun for the line setters to pick a fairly large number (well into 2-digits) just to tempt fate and see if someone might come close to hanging with the Seminoles. Miami, you've got a lot of talent, but your undisciplined defense is going to get THRASHED by Florida State's offense. Seminoles cover 17.5. (Bonus Over/Under Pick for the Readers: 20,000 fans at Sun Life Stadium for an 8pm game on ABC against an in-state, conference rival?)

Atlanta's original team -- The Florida State game against Miami would normally be close given the state rivalry but I am thinking Florida State is still mad about losing the MNC and will wallop Miami, beating the spread.

GTNate -- Rivalry games are almost always close and hard to pick, I think you should take FL State and the points on this one since this is going to be a home game for the noles

South Carolina (+3.5) @ Florida

LilBroey700 -- A week ago, I really thought that South Carolina was on track to unseat Alabama, given their impressive offense to complement their incredibly talented defense. (Turns out georgia's offensive line just sucks and made that defense look a lot better.) They crapped the bed at LSU (to be fair, they aren't the first nor the last to do that) and now I'm wondering just what they're made of. Meanwhile, Florida's defense is looking to rival Alabama's for most horrifying for opposing teams, though their offense is is nothing short of a disaster (most Florida set of downs ever, right before halftime against Vandy: First and goal from the 2, followed by a fumble (recovered), substitution infraction, incomplete pass, incomplete pass, field goal). Everything considered, I'll take Florida to cover here and win a low-scoring game...if anyone hits 20, I'll be shocked.

Atlanta's original team -- I am predicting South Carolina to beat the spread and upset Florida.

GTNate -- Hardest matchup of the week to pick. Take the team that has been at some point in time coached by Steve Spurrier, you can't lose! (Ed. Note: No comment.)

Where'd we mess up, readers? And will there be more or less than 20,000 fans at Sun Life Stadium for the FSU-Miami game at 8pm on ABC?