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T.T. 10/17/12: In Which it Feels Like the Offseason

We examine the rest of the internet one last time to push us through the doldrums of the bye weeks.

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So, I'm getting really sick of this "no football" thing. Its like its June or something. Anyways, here's what we should be talking about the week before BAHSTEN college.

Some nerd on reddit did a write-up of how we could still win the coastal. This is far too confusing and should never happen. For all the oldun's who don't know what reddit is, think of it as a newspaper except on the internet and with just headlines.

WAR DAMN IT - in other words, at least we're not Auburn. You may have noticed that I posted a lot about Auburn lately. That is because I hate them.

Basketball preseason media day happened, and here is what Brian Gregory has to say. The players also had a little fun up at SECSPN today.

-27 yard punt for a safety is pretty much all you can say about this. Oh, high school.

Spencer Hall has a fantastic piece on journalistic fuck uppery and how you can avoid it.

Turning back to us, PJ gives a little more insight as to why he fired Groh and what he's going to do to change the defense. Highlights include 80 calls and a lot of lingo.

Ken Seguira has the coaching shuffle run down and where everyone ended up.

Also, Vad Lee's getting all the way turnt up in practice to see if he can energize the offense.

Finally, you know you're bad When you're begging to play Minnesota.