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Take Your Pick: The ACC (Among Others) Week 7

This weekend's slate of ACC games is a bit thin, so we've added a couple more games receiving national attention to keep it interesting.

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The writers from FTRS were able to sit down late this week and discuss the potential outcomes of this weekend's ACC games, as well as a few high-profile games around the country. Here's what happened.

Duke (+9.5) @ Virginia Tech

millsGT49: DUKE -- I believe baby!! Blue Devils Bowl Game 2012!!

GTNate: DOOK is unstoppable this season (until they get to the flats). Not really, VT just sucks a bag of wieners.

TBuzz: Duke's about to fall from orbit - and land in Lane stadium. VPI minus 9.5 all day.

LilBroey700: I have a really hard time taking Duke to win this game. They're good, but not VT good. I'll take Duke +9.5, and Virginia Tech straight up.

North Carolina (-3.5) @ Miami (FL)

millsGT49: MIAMI -- I think they are coming on strong this year and am not Impressed with UNC

GTNate: Hard game to call, I think Miami's O pulls them out of this one in the end.

TBuzz: UNC wins a close game at Miami...points not needed.

LilBroey700: I think this one comes down to how well UNC plays. We know what we're going to get from Miami, and if UNC isn't on their game, the Hurricanes will win. That said, I'll take UNC to cover in a close one.

Maryland (+3) @ Virginia

millsGT49: UVA -- I will never believe in Randy Edsall

GTNate: When picking bullshit vs. bullshit, choose the larger pile of bullshit. It makes life more entertaining. (Ed. Note: Please notice the lack of commitment to either team in this pick.)

TBuzz: Hoos at home (and no...that's not a comedy bit)

LilBroey700: In a game of who sucks more, I'll take the home team.

Boston College (+27) @ Florida State

millsGT49: FSU -- hopefully they come out pissed and take it out on BC

GTNate: Please. (Ed. Note: You may see a pattern developing here. No, you're not alone.)

TBuzz: I might regret taking FSU minus FOUR TOUCHDOWNS but what the hell.

LilBroey700: TBuzz's sentiments....I share them. FSU by 27+.

Texas (+3) @ Oklahoma

millsGT49: TEXAS -- I think Texas has shown more this year than Oklahoma, I think they rebound from WVU.

GTNate: As much as I want TX to win because OK is perennially overrated and I'm sick of it, OK has had Texas' number these past few years. (Ed. Note: I take this to mean Oklahoma.)

TBuzz: Texas because Landry Jones sucks against Texas.

LilBroey700: My rule of thumb is never to pick Oklahoma to win a big game in which they're evenly matched. I'll take Texas straight up.

South Carolina (+4) @ LSU

millsGT49: LSU -- rule of SEC; the 2nd best team changes every week, I don't think USC has it in them.

GTNate: OBC pulls some old school trickery out of his ass now that he finally trusts his QB and out-Les-Miles Les Miles. U-S-C! LET'S GO COCKS!!! Honestly, I think this one's going to come down to clock management and always pick against the Miles in this situation. (Ed. Note: Nate picks the 'Cocks. Shocker.)

TBuzz: LSU by points don't matter.

LilBroey700: Did you watch what USC did to georgia last week? Good Lord, this team looks to be for real. A very impressive defense combined with an athletic offense means this is without a doubt a Top-5 team for me. That said, LSU's defense is good, but their offense is a trainwreck right now. I'm taking USC to go into Death Valley and win.

PSA: Let it be known to the masses that a wager has been made on this game. TBuzz has wagered that LSU wins by at least 3 touchdowns, with LilBroey700 wagering that South Carolina will lose by less than 3 touchdowns or win straight up. The wager involves the loser paying the winner's bar tab the next time TBuzz comes to town.

Stanford (+7) @ Notre Dame

millsGT49: ND -- Notre Dame hasn't allowed a touchdown in like 3 weeks. damn.

GTNate: As a Catholic, I'm all in on the ND bandwagon.

TBuzz: Stanford on points...though ND wins a close game.

LilBroey700: I can't believe I'm thinking this....again...but I think Notre Dame is back. That's what happens when you hire a coach like Brian Kelly. Give me Notre Dame by a touchdown or more here.

There it is, folks. Who you got this weekend? Where did we mess up? Who's paying the bar tab when TBuzz comes back to town?