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Technical Tidbits 10/11/12: In Which The Ship Comes to Port

Georgia Tech tries to settle down after a hell of a week.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So here we are, sitting around, doing calculus, and suddenly we have a bomb dropped on our head. Al Groh was fired, the world reacted, and now we stood up and got back on our feet. We here at FTRS are keeping an eye out to see if we fall back down drunk or barrel head-on into the back half of the season at 6-0.

First, something I can't confirm officially (hooray, heresay!), but would like to report none the less. My roomate is friends with a lot of the football players on facebook, and he says that many of them are pretty pissed about the whole Al Groh situation. This is interesting to me because how the players react is the biggest parameter in our comeback design, and apparently it doesn't look good.

According to Paul Johnson, though, we're right back on track (this is a re-post of an interview I posted to in the comments of Tuesday's edition of the Tidbits. listen to the one from Oct. 9th).

You might be jealous of K-State's record right now, but don't be jealous of their child abuse:


We here at the institue are deeply schooled in our hallowed traditions, but so are the men of the Texas and Oklahoma Naval ROTC units. The "Run to Dallas" is a neat little bit of history in one of the most historic of shootouts coming up this weekend.

Here's a nice puff piece from sting daily about beesball, who is in full swing of fall practice.

It was basketball media day on Wednesday, fufills all your information needs.

GT Sports Talk has an interesting statistical collection for us to mull (read: cry) over.

And, as always, Ken Seguria has some neat-o info on the defense's reaction and Charles Kelley's first day.