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Sunday Evening Recruitment Mess

We had multiple verbal commitments make visits this weekend, as OL Will Adams visited Auburn and CB Antonio Crawford visited Miami. After those visits, sources are saying that Crawford called the GT coaches to let them know that he's committed to Miami now. This is very disappointing for the staff and a lot of people around the program.

As for Adams, he's now said to be a "coin flip" between us and Auburn by Kelly Quinlan of We're not sure whether or not he actually has an offer from them, but apparently Auburn is still waiting to hear from 3 highly-touted O-Linemen, whose responses could have something to do with whether or not Adams has a spot at Auburn. He said he's done doing interviews, but will make his decision on Wednesday.

This recruitment class has had a disappointing home stretch for as promising as it once seemed. With the decommitment of Crawford, the pulled scholarship of Gnonkonde, and non-decisiveness of Adams and Dalvin Tomlinson, the class has lost a bit of its luster. There's still an awful lot to be excited about though, and this is recognized as what is likely CPJ's best recruiting class yet.

I just want to take a moment here to voice my displeasure with the same thing CPJ has publicly campaigned against in recruiting, where kids will commit and then visit and commit elsewhere. Especially after the guy has made comments like Crawford did after his visit in mid-January: "'My visit was amazing,' Crawford said early Sunday. 'Georgia Tech is just amazing. There is no other place in the country I would rather go. I'm solid to Georgia Tech and I will not be visiting anyone else. Recruiting for me is over, I'm a future yellow jacket!'" Saying things like that and then going back on it is like the kid lied to our faces, something I'm not OK with. Instead, he's now signed on to be Miami's 32nd commitment, with 7-8 other guys he'll compete for playing time with and a storm of NCAA trouble brewing. I really, really do not understand what makes a guy want to put himself in that situation, but at the end of the day, what goes around comes around, and he'll get his.

It just sucks for me, seeing how good of a job Tech did recruiting this class, only to lose guys to other teams at the last minute, even though those guys are like the other teams' third and fourth options, while they were our first. I'd love to see an early-signing period added, as is present with baseball and basketball, to cut down on all of the poaching surrounding recruitment.

How do you feel about how this class is shaping up?