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Friday Evening Recruitment Update

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on some of the shenanigans going on right now with the recruiting situation:

CB Malik Simmons -- The UNC commit who was expected to visit this weekend did not end up making the trip. Apparently it was supposed to be a secret, but then he posted something on his Facebook, his coaches got suspicious, did some digging, found out, and the visit was called off. They probably pulled a CPJ-esque "go there and you won't be welcome here any more" deal with him, and unlike Antonio Crawford, he was not willing to take any risks along those lines.

WR/CB Anthony Autry -- Been committed to us for a month or so now, and when asked today, he announced that he was "rock solid" on his commitment to Tech. No worries with him.

DT Dalvin Tomlinson -- In case you didn't hear the news today, he's made his decision, though the situation appears as follows: if offered by Alabama between now and Wednesday, he'll take it. If not, he's coming to the Flats. So the entire decision will rest on that. I don't get the whole "willing to be Nick Satan's (Saban's...I have to stop doing that) sloppy seconds" deal, but it is what it is. Hopefully he puts on the Tech hat Wednesday morning, but we'll just have to see.

LB Beau Hankins -- Kid is leaning hard towards Arkansas, and although you haven't heard much about him here, he's looking to be Gnonkonde's replacement in the class. He's visiting this weekend, and will announce his decision Wednesday at 11am. No real time to do research on him at the moment, but it'd be great stealing a guy who's wanted by a top-10 team in the country.

C Kyle Stallard -- Another guy you haven't heard of, this one was offered a PWO (preferred walk on) spot by Coach Johnson today, and accepted. Hopefully this kid can work hard and contribute enough to earn a scholarship with us, just as Sean Bedford did.

OL Will Adams -- For those who didn't see earlier, he turned down the visit to Auburn and is set on his commitment to Georgia Tech! Except for the part where then he did actually decide to go to Auburn this evening, after discussing it with Johnson and trying to decide all afternoon. He wants somewhere to compare to Tech and wants to avoid any regrets he could have. Hopefully he sees us as the better school.

A couple offers were given out to guys who are in the 2013 class today, but that's a story for another time. Stay tuned, expect more to come in the morning as things continue to develop...

Info credit to Kelly Quinlan and Eric Thompson of Those two do a fantastic job keeping everyone up-to-date on the goings on of the team!