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Thursday Afternoon Recruitment Rumor Mill

Rumors are flying around right now concerning GT Recruitment, so I thought I'd keep you fine folks up to date.

DT Dalvin Tomlinson: We thought we had a real good shot at him (that Alabama wouldn't have room and we were second in line), and then Alabama's prospects started dropping like flies and it looked like he was going to Alabama. Word is now that Nick Saban is on the way to a recruit's house, and if the kid commits, Dalvin's spot at Alabama is gone and it's between us and georgie. (Read: us.)

CB Antonio Crawford: This one's getting real messy. Kid committed to us last summer and has been solid ever since, saying things like "100%. I'm a Yellow Jacket!" Now he's been invited to visit Miami over the weekend. Johnson has told him that if he goes and visits Miami, he'll lose his scholarship at Tech (as per Johnson's style of recruiting). His mother has been very adamant about wanting him to go to Tech, saying she wouldn't sign his LOI to go anywhere else (not sure how much this means....guess it only matters since he'll be under 18?). However, Crawford has told Johnson that a) we have a CB visiting Tech this weekend, and if he commits, Crawford is gone, and b) that Crawford will be visiting Miami. Looks like he's through with his time at Tech. Sucks, but what can you do?

Side note for Miami: Crawford would be their 32nd commit. Yes, you read that right. Also, they currently have 6 other DBs signed to the class, and another athlete with the body to play that or WR. I really, really have no idea what this kid is thinking even giving Miami a shot. It makes no sense to me why he would go join in that group with so much chance of never seeing the field beyond special teams.

DE Francis Kallon: There were rumors starting to go around that he was getting cold feet with GT. Notre Dame had been contacting him looking to recruit him, and things were heating up and it looked as though it could have been total meltdown on our side for him. However, the parents never liked it, and have been pushing on him hard to stay closer to home. News is now coming out that the whole Kallon-to-ND thing is not happening. We're solid with Kallon.

It's been quite the frantic day for our recruiting department, to the point that my sources (Eric Thompson and Kelly Quinlan of have not been able to post their weekly Thursday state-of-the-situation "War Room" post. They're saying it'll come out once everything cools, meaning later this evening or tomorrow. Also, according to those guys, we have another couple OVs this weekend, including a very highly-ranked surprise. Stay tuned....