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Georgia Tech Basketball: Catching Up With The Mulligan Season

This year it's easy to put the basketball season out of our minds because it's out of sight. And you know how the old saying goes...Nevertheless we still need to be educated in our athletics programs and knowledge is power.

Here is a summary of the 2011-2012 basketball season. There is probably minimal cohesion to it so think of it as stream of consciousness.

The Yellow Jackets are sitting in the basement, dead last in the ACC. Tech sits at 8-12 overall with a 1-5 record. Ironically, the one win was a road win against the NC State Wolfpack. The only other ACC team with an overall losing record is the Boston College Golden Eagles who are 7-12.

I've been to four games this year and in all the games, we've seen flashes of brilliance, but just like any flash in a pan, it's gone in an instant. There is an odd funk that hangs over the team and it's made up of the combination of no home, small crowd, new coach, no star team leader.

Two players are averaging double-digits this year in Glen Rice Jr and Mfon Udofia. They are both averaging well over 20 minutes per game (29.9 and 30.5 respectively). Defensively, Daniel Miller continues to work on establishing his presence and has recorded 49 blocks this season, enough for about 24th in the nation.

It's a rough year for sure, but I end up coming back for more games at Phillips to watch Georgia Tech play. What makes you keep coming back?