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1/20 Recruiting Update

Hey all, your second-favorite From the Rumble Seat recruiting blogger here with an update from the flats. We've had a big recruiting week, landing 2 commits in the space of 5 days! The first kid we're going to discuss after the break is the young man that committed yesterday, Lynn Griffin, hailing from my native Florida.

Lynn's a three star safety coming in at 6'0" 220, which is on par with the other safeties on the roster. Some (read: me) have said we need smaller, quicker S's that can get into the middle and hit those guys the LBs so often miss, but if he takes off some weight he should be just that. His recruiting video reinforces that sentiment, this guy can take off in a HURRY and get to the ball:

My favorite part is probably the first scene when he blows up the receiver and then just yoinks the ball for a big runback. They also send him down to blitz a lot and he's not afraid of contact, which may mean we're looking a pretty versatile player here. Where do ya'll think we can best use his skills?

The next guy I want to talk about is the offensive lineman who committed on Sunday, Freddie Burden from Statesboro. Kid weighs in at 296, which is slightly heavier than the rest of line (most of them are in the 290's now, whereas in the past they weren't, maybe Paul Johnson has been receiving my internal diatribes about how the line needs to be bigger). This is the closest thing I could find to a recruiting video for him:

Super 11 (via wtoctv11)

But I found a tidbit on Rivals that gives a better technical breakdown: "Burden is a big OL that will play inside on the next level. He showed a great base and strong hands at the MVP Camp." And as you can see from the stripped ball he ran back in the video, he's not too slow either. So what do ya'll think of recruiting so far? I'm pretty proud of it myself. Here's hoping we'll be REALLY proud of Vad Lee and PJ's other new guys next year!