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What the Hoop Bees need to do v. Maryland

The Jackets have played two pretty good games in a row. What have they done that's different from Fordham and Mercer? I don't know. I did not see those games. But, I did see the Alabama game.

Udofia and Rice need to continue the high level of play against Maryland today they have show in Tech's last two games. Against Bama they had 13 points between them. They also have 6 turnovers. You cannot let the opponents take your guards completely out of the offense and expect to win. Especially if they are your top two scorers.

So, how do we do that against the Terps?

First, Udofia and Rice cannot try to win the game by themselves. Holsey and Miller have been solid, if not great, inside these past two games. That must continue. If the guards can get the bigs involved in the offense, forcing Maryland's guards to help inside, then Rice and Udofia will get good looks on the perimeter. We will not keep raining treys at 60%, so that cannot be the game plan.

Second, we just beat one team, and almost another, that do not get much production beyond their starters. That is not the case with Maryland. For some reason, BG shut down the bench-to-floor shuttle in Raleigh. I know, Rice is not really a starter, but the bench did not play many minutes against the Pack. Royal has been playing pretty well, then mostly sat the bench on Wednesday. I wonder why? Granted, things were working and the team played really well until the final few minutes. Maryland has a nine player rotation that will be fresh late in the game. We have to get minutes for more than six guys.

Last, we are playing good D on the perimeter and that must continue. Maryland is a guard first offense and their young guys really like an up tempo game. They could not get that going at NC State and lost. Against Wake they were able to run in streaks. Maryland has the ability to score in bunches, so we cannot let them get in a fast paced groove. Stoglin can get hot and be scary, but he can also miss in bunches. We need to make them work for every point. And, make them do it in their half court offense.

Go Jackets!