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Props to a guy from NC State

Akula Wolf, at the BackingthePack blog wrote the following about CPJ.  I think it's a classic and easily one of the best I have ever read.  Credit is due when someone is this clever:

"Last year’s loss to NC State remains stuck in Paul Johnson’s craw, which is horrible news. Many observers close to the Georgia Tech football program have estimated that it takes anywhere from 60 to 75 points to remove something from Paul Johnson’s craw. Take Kansas for example. After last year the Jayhawks were way up in there. (There being Paul Johnson’s craw.) This year Johnson’s offense set a school record in yards per carry on the way to 66 points. That said, Johnson’s specific words were that it was stuck "a little bit," which arguably implies that he will need no more than 45 points."

Now, I don't know if 45 is enough to "unstuck" last year's humiliating defeat in Atlanta, but maybe it will be enough to calm CPJ down during the 3rd quarter.  He is a quiet guy and his craw doesn't get stuck often, but the Kansas game showed he doesn't cotton to surprises.  So don't be surprised if 45 comes up a bit earlier in the day.