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Quotes, Georgia Tech defeats Western Carolina, 63-21

Let's see what all of the talking heads said about last night's romp in Bobby Dodd. A prediction came in late last night from the Asheville paper's Keith Jarrett:
The Catamounts’ best hopes are to collect a nice paycheck, avoid too many guys getting hurt and stay as competitive as possible against a Paul Johnson offense that can embarrass and bulldoze defenses that struggle to stop his complicated running game. Georgia Tech by 35.
The local guys would probably have been considered the most critical, if not for CPJ himself. Ken Sugiura, the AJC beat writer, covered the game last night and got some nifty quotes from CPJ. When asked about the special teams play:
"I'm probably as disappointed with that area as I am with anything because we have spent a lot of time" working on it, Johnson said. "Just bonehead. We've got to do a better job of coaching special teams. We've just got to, because we do some dumb stuff out there at times."
Johnson followed up his criticism with another reminder of the youth of Tech:
"I think anytime you've got a young team, they're going to make mistakes," Johnson said. "We made more than I thought we would."
The Macon Telegraph was also at the post game party. CPJ gave Stan Awtry this line about Tech's maturation:
"I told the team that the biggest improvement comes between the first game and the second game," Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson said. "And that better be the case, because we did 10 or 12 things that would have gotten us beat against a superior opponent."
No one should argue with Daniel Drummond. The defense was very aggressive and pretty effective all night considering they only really gave up 7 points on offensive drives:
"Our defense wants to have the brand that we’ll get to the ball like mad dogs," inside linebacker Daniel Drummond said. "The defense has really made progress. (Defensive coordinator Al) Groh said we’re 12 weeks ahead of where we were last summer."
All in all, I think the offense and defense did their jobs. We have got to lock up our special teams considering we lost two fairly critical games last year (VT and Air Force) on special team blunders. Any thoughts early this morning about the game last night?