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TEN MORE Teams Want to Join the ACC: Who are they?

    According to ACC Commissioner John Swofford after Pittsburgh and Syracuse joined the ACC the number of schools left that still wanted to join the ACC totaled in double digits.  Let's take the lowest double digit we can think of and pin down after the jump who these other 10 teams are.

    In no particular order the remaining schools that would like to join the ACC are most likely Rutgers, Connecticut, West Virginia,  Kansas, Texas, Texas Tech, South Florida, Louisville and Central Florida.  Clearly not all of these schools would be a good match for the ACC but that does not keep them from expressing an interest in joining.  The question is, assuming that there are still more schools out there that have expressed an interest, who are they?  Could it be the Service Academies?  Are some SEC schools thinking of bolting?  Is there any truth to the rumor that Penn State is thinking of returning to its dream of an Eastern Power Conference?  O.K., at some point we just start making stuff up.  But seriously, what is your guess as to the remaining 10 (or more) schools that are aching to get into the ACC and which two in the end would we want?