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Early impressions of GT-Kansas game

The Jacket offensive unit is unstoppable when they play like this.  I have watched a lot of college football, but have never seen a team run up 768 yards before.  KU never had any idea about how to stop Tevin & Company.

Oh, BTW, the special teams and D also stepped up.  The D was especially solid in the second half. 

Now, for my sincere confession.  I am an unapologetic fan of Joshua Nesbitt, but Tevin is a lot more effective in this offense.  Who is Vad Lee, anyway?  Tevin has taken the DBs out of the run defense by making them play the WR honestly.  The pitch to the A-Back is almost always good for 5-6 yards when the corner has to cover the WR.  Oh, another BTW.  Hill and Melton got some pancakes today.  When they make timely blocks downfield, this play is gone.  This was a good effort all around.  Who said we had issues with the O-Line.  Me?  Surely not.