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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 49 MTSU Blue Raiders 21: Easing On Into The Schedule Feels Real Good


When we arrived in Murfreesboro to start off another day of college football, we were in the clear and right state of mind: confident. Watching the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets score 14 seconds into the game and throw up 28 points before the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders could catch their breath only solidified that mentality.

C'mon over! The Kool-Aid tastes great!

Georgia Tech amassed 596 yards of total offense (214 passing, 382 rushing) and at one point was beating MTSU 42-7. Synjyn Days and David Sims led the rushing attack with 91 yards each while Stephen Hill continued his catching ways by putting together some great plays for 126 yards and two touchdowns.

People are loving our passing game right now because it's making noise. We're catching the balls and gaining yardage. But did you know that Tech only threw the ball 10 times on Saturday? Winning changes the perception and two games into the 2011 season we're loving it.

The Yellow Jackets are sharing the football again. Nine different players ran the ball over the weekend. The distribution tells me that our quarterbacks are making the right reads and the proper decisions.The team seems to be putting the pieces together in the manner that they should.

Looking ahead, we have no room to feel guaranteed of anything. We shouldn't be getting cocky. Last season proved we can't afford to expect anything.  The Kansas Jayhawks roll into town this weekend. Every Jacket fan out there should expect blood to be left on that field. Last year's loss was not only an embarrassment but it was a sharp thrust of reality of just how bad the football season was going to be. We are all happy to see our team notch another game in the winning column but it's next week that will be a true test. How bad does Georgia Tech want to show the doubters that their back? It's time to plan on revenge and showing that last year was a fluke.