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Early take on the MTSU game

Tevin is the real deal, or so it seems thus far.  The off season work has clearly paid huge dividends for his confidence. The same can be said for Stephen Hill.  My thoughts right now are focused on our assistant coaches, who must be incredibly proud of the work they have done.

That said, a dose of medicine from the reality bottle is in order.  Purdue just lost to Rice, so there is no reason to think we beat a team about to break into the top 25.  Or 50.  Maybe even 100.  It gets a little tougher this week, but Kansas in Blue will not be mistaken for Boise State,  They had to come from behind to beat Northern Illinois at home.

The schedule and results are just what we expected thus far.  That's good. 

The next logical question is, are we really a lot better than we thought?  Coming into the season I had two fears:  First, was Tevin up to the job.  The second, how would the new O-line perform.  I also had a nagging worry about or secondary.  Those questions seem to be answered for this level of competition.  Honestly, the ACC teams coming up after Kansas don't scare me right now.  I watched UNC and NC State struggle, and Clemson had all they handle with Wofford.  It is very easy to look at our team and schedule and see us undefeated at 5-0 when we Maryland.

Who was it that said the triple option won't work at this level?