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Vad Lee: Let's get real folks

There is a thread on StingTalk regarding the CPJ quote that Lee is "light years ahead of what he expected" after only four days.  This is an interesting topic for discussion, but let's get real for a moment and stop smoking those funny homemade cigarettes.

Vad Lee may be ahead of what Johnson expected, or CPJ may be sending a signal to both Washington and Days that nothing is certain at this level.

Let's talk about Lee's high school record for a moment.  Durham Hillside is in the 4-A classification in NC, which is the classification for the schools with the second largest attendance numbers.  Hillside lost in the playoffs in 2009 and Lee was the star and leader of the team.  He made a vow after that season that Hillside would be 16-0 in his senior year, and they did just that.  They won three lopsided games coming into the semifinals where they beat undefeated New Bern 12-7, then won the championship game 40-0.  Clearly, they had some good players other than Vad Lee.

Lee was the best player in NC last year.  He committed to Tech early in the season, so the focus here was on guys that might sign with UNC or NC State.  The local papers do not cover Tech very well, but they have their hands full with the local teams, so it's not a surprise.  I remember him being a 4-star recruit, but maybe that is high.

Lee must be a good student, because his school is one of the lowest performing schools in the state and was in danger of being closed at one time due to poor performance.  For him to have the test scores and grades to gain admission to Tech is a real tribute to his ability to set goals and reach them.  He is a highly motivated and talented young man.

All that aside, he is a freshman with no college football experience.  Tevin Washington played well last year, even with the 1-3 record in his starts.  The offense rolled up some big numbers and he was a big part of that.  I think it's naive to think he is not also reading the hype about Lee.  He organized and led the 7-on-7 drills this summer.  He plans to be the starter on September 1, so Lee has a formidable barrier between him and the starting role as Tech QB. 

I am not a big fan of Synjyn Days, so forgive me if I do not put much relevance into his performance in the Spring game. 

If Lee continues to play well in the Fall practices and avoids a redshirt, he will be the backup to Washington.  If he is not ahead of Days on the depth chart, I think CPJ will try to avoid using up a year of his eligibility riding the bench this year.  He is clearly a star of the future and they want to maximize his time at Tech.  I would be surprised if he sits out this year, but I would also not be shocked if he is starting at QB by season's end.  If that happens, we will probably be unhappy with the team's results this year.