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Go Jackets, but my heart is not with you this week.

Hurricane Irene hit my house this week.  Literally.  And I was lucky.

I still have no power, phone or internet (except via PDAnet on my Droid).  Charging the little Droid is another issue.  My son delivered a generator from Greensboro, so we now have the freezer and fridge (loaded with beer) powered up, but the IT room with desktop, etc is dark.  Progress Energy says we should have power by 11:45 PM Thursday.  So, I will try to watch the replay on ESPN3 sometime Thursday night or during the day Friday.  That is, if I get power as promised.  I am sure I will have something to say about the game.

No  "gee, I'm sorry" comments are needed.  My family is safe and our home is secure, although quite wet.  School is out this week, so we have plenty of hands for the work required.  The hurricane prep and cleanup have kept me from posting, but that will change very soon.  Cheer louder than usual and I will be represented.  Thanks.  But cheer very loud.  The generator is a noisy sucker.  I want to hear you.