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Predicting Georgia Tech's October Schedule

Many of us agree that September should be a good warm up and easy progression into the meat of the season. More of us want to see blood against Kansas. But what about October? The schedule beefs up quickly.

N.C. State

Bird: I don't think Sean Glennon's little brother will have the mustard to knock us out like Russell Wilson did. Plus, I plan on attending this game and we have got to win if I am going to survive a walk amongst the Wolfpack. Seriously, they have the worst fans outside of Athens. Have you ever had a full beer thrown in your face walking into a road stadium? I have @ NC State. They take pride in poor student behavior and vacating their stadium while their team is still playing. /rant. Seriously, I think Tech will win this game. NC State fans probably think they'll win but I know we'll win.

Winfield: Two games absolutely neutralized our defense, and one of them was N.C. State and Russell Wilson. With Wilson heading to WIsconsin and B1G territory, I think the Wolfpack fall back to their usual ways. Tech wins.


Bird: I think Danny O'Brien is the X-Factor in this game. He struggled in Death Valley and at the new Orange Bowl yet blew up NC Stat. If Tech wants to be above 0.500 this season, we've got to beat the Marylands, NC States, and UNC-type middle tier schools on our schedule. I still don't think Tech will have the offensive consistency to beat everyone we should beat and we'll drop this one to MD.

Winfield: Maryland has weird uniforms. Do we really want to lose to a team that looks awkward and clown-ish? The Terps are one of the few teams that have just fallen off my radar and best info I have is Randy Edsall is a spiritual leader for the team.I literally have no idea. But with this game being in Atlanta, Tech will put together something that pulls out a win.


Bird: UVA has a couple years of building to go and then they've got to fire their head coach and start all over again. Tech should win easily in Charlottesville. 5 years ago me would've punched present me in the face if I went back 5 years in time and told my 5-year younger self that last sentence. Tech big in Hoo-ville.

Winfield: Paul Johnson broke the curse. Virginia is a big fat ole ?. Tech confiscates all the Zima to make the 'Hoos even sadder but then we dumb it down the cellar!


Bird The past two Miami games have been nightmares. Miami should be playing with a skeleton crew this season. We need this W and I think Tech'll take it home. Expect an ugly, turnover heavy game in the muddy rain of Miami.

Winfield: Wow, talk about a tough game to talk about with so much going on right now! I'm pretty sure by the time we hit up Miami, more things will have shaken out and nobody in Coral Gables will care. Tech wins


Bird: Unfortunately, I fear the Tigers will be better than Tech in 2011. Even though they lost KP, they return a fairly ferocious D and a modest Dabo. His uncharacteristic silence in the South Carolina sports media has me worried about the Tigers and a shot at an ACC Atlantic title. Tech loses.

Winfield: Ugh, this game has me nervous because of the way we got absolutely mauled on the lines last year. Usually what happens with CU is CU wins big and Tech wins close ones. However, I'm gonna say Clemson wins this year's version of the rivalry.

In typical fashion, Bird goes conservative and I play the optimism card. BUT WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?! The Kool-Aid is pumping through my veins! What say you?