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The 2011 Football Season Is All About Expectations For The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

I was staring at my blank computer screen last night with an equally blank mind, trying to put something together that brings out good discussion and commentary. I stretched my back in my chair and I saw the headline to the AJC on November 30, 2008.


Jackets defeat their historic rivals for the first time since 2000 and vow this won't be a fluke..."

Mark Bradley: "In a tough spot, Bulldogs wilted"

Jeff Schultz: "Jackets are back and plan to stay"

What followed that victory was an eventual bid to the Chick fil A bowl to close out the season, a 2009 ACC Championship (whatever, I was there, I saw it) and a berth in the Orange Bowl in 2009.

Suddenly 2010 happened. Balls didn't drop our way, there was no wide receiver that scared defenses, and our lines were shattered. Whatever was expected in 2010 was turned upside down and no one really knew what to think.What was expected, success, championships, winning, was gone.

2011 now presents itself as a surely definable year for Paul the Paul Johnson regime. What can we expect? What should we expect? After a 6-7 season what is a practice expectation? 

Expectations are always high at the beginning of the season. We expect to see em come back with a chip on their shoulders, we expect to get back to 2008/2009 levels. We always expect to win, and win soundly.

Over the rest of the week, we'll be discussing the offensive, defensive, special teams expectations. What are your overall expectations?  I expect:

A-backs: Improved abilities to catch a fumble

Quarterbacks: I expect to see passing completion sub-50%

B-backs: Consistency. Another 1300 yard rusher.

Wide Receivers: CATCH.THE.BALL

Defense: Understand Al Groh's defense. I expect improvement

Special Teams: I expect you to catch punts

Give us your expectations for the 2011 football season. Be it broad or detailed, your expectations will help define this week's content as we address your expectations.