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What happens if Miami gets the death penalty?

It's a long way to go before it gets to this point, but what happens if the NCAA metes out the ultimate penalty to Miami?  Here are some of my thoughts.  What are yours?

In 1987, SMU players and recruits were immediately released without loss of eligibility.  I am assuming that would be the case here.  SMU was able to retain five coaches and hold conditioning drills, but everything else stopped.  If the DP happens, more than 100 players, some of whom are 5-star recruits will be swarming all over Florida and the Southeast looking for spots on a team.  Who is likely to benefit most?

The ACC Coastal Division will have lost one of its most competitive members for at least a season, maybe longer.  It will be years before the Canes can restock their program to its current level.  Duke will have a sure victory for 5-6 years.

Teams on the Miami schedule will have to find another opponent for the years Miami cannot compete.  That will be very difficult for ACC teams especially, since it may be necessary to find a BCS opponent in order to have the required number of wins for bowl eligibility.  Given how schedules are drawn up years in advance, this will be a difficult process.  Maybe this will be our first game against Ga State?  It could be the ACC will designate a non-division game to count in the Division standings for each team.  It gets complicated.

If the DP is for more than one year, might the ACC find a new team for the Coastal Division as a first step in expansion?  A few names come to mind without any trouble: East Carolina, Appalachian State (they are considering a move up), UCF, UConn, Rutgers.

In the meantime, twelve players on this year's team are probably going to be held out of games until their eligibility can be determined.  That's what happen at UNC and what the NCAA said we should have done with Bay Bay.  I checked their roster and and the Canes will be decimated of serious talent on both sides of the ball.  Duke may get their win this year.

While it's not likely to get the DP, the Miami basketball program could get a severe blow as well.  Paying cash to recruits is serious.  And, remember, Miami was on probation as a repeat offender while all this was happening.  Could Miami abandon football altogether?  I do not think it's out of the question.