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Review the Rivalry: Auburn Tigers

Auburn v. GT circa 1985.
Auburn v. GT circa 1985.
Rivalry Overview: Auburn leads the series 47-41-4 with the first game between both squads being played in 1892. Tech won the most recent affairs in 2003 and 2005. Tech's secondmost played series was a staple on the schedule from 1902-1987. When Tech joined the ACC, Tech planned on playing a 7-game ACC slate by 1988. The series contract originally expired in 1985 but Tech and Auburn agreed to extend it two more years via an option in the contract. At the time of the contract's expiration, Tech was playing Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgie every season. A supposed home and home series was scheduled in 1992 but the games were never played.

What Makes the Series a Rivalry: Proximity. Only 108 miles separate the two schools. Frequency. The two teams have met 92 times. Competitive balance. The average margin of victory was +0.7 points in Auburn's favor. It wasn't until Tech's program was in the dumps of the 80's did Auburn really start to dominate Tech on the field. Tradition. Tech fans love tradition and Auburn is a traditional rival of Tech's.

Personal Rivalry: I never really had a problem with Auburn until 2008 because we had so soundly dominated them in 2003 and 2005. Keep in mind I was a toddler when we played them in the 80's. I started working with a NC State grad coworker who was also an Auburn fan. I heard about Cadillac, Ronnie Brown, Pat Dye, Jason Campbell, Pat Nix, Bo Jackson, etc. on a daily basis. All he heard from me was "17-3" and "23-14". Fuel really got thrown on the fire when he chose to incessantly text me during Tech's debacle of a 2010 season while Auburn paid for a national title.

What are your thoughts on Auburn? When did you feel the rivalry between Tech and Auburn?