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Georgia Tech's Scrimmage Showed Signs Of Good Football

I was very happy to have been able to go to the scrimmage this past Saturday. Who else went? Here are my thoughts from what I picked up on two days ago.

- We progressively "got worse" over time. In the beginning, we looked smooth. But by the end, there were too many fumbles towards the end. Bad transactions between the center and the quarterbacks, sometimes we saw the ball pop right off the chest of the B-back

- Vad Lee throws a very pretty ball. When -he runs out of the pocket, he doesn't look to scramble, rather he keeps his head up and looks for the receiver. Rumors of him playing well in practice were true and I can definitely see him getting some sort of playing time this year (though I'm not sure how I feel about that quite yet). I do not remember him running a play where he had to make any sort of read and pitch.

-The Yellow Jackets were short pass happy on Saturday. Didn't see any deep passes that would be drive-changing though

-The A-backs caught the footballs!

-The Synjyn Days and David Sims combination looked pretty good

-Darren Waller and Jeff Greene are both big freshman with good size and physical strength. One pass was a jump-ball and Greene jumped a good shoulder and head taller than two DBs and grabbed the ball out of the air.

- Defense seemed to look pretty good as well. Saw some good hits, pretty good coverage. Louis Young can be nasty.

-Overall I thought the young players impressed me and showed off some good potential

These young players are all Paul Johnson's recruits and are guys that we all expect to fit his system the way he expects.

What did you see? What are your thoughts?