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Let's predict the 2011 Home Attendance

People!  (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images)
People! (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images)
Getty Images
2010 was a fairly poor season as far as home crowd attendance went. Tech's fan base only amassed 278,696 total attendance (46,450 per game). This was the lowest season attendance since 2002 (a pre-55,000 season). Not a single Paul Johnson team has yet to eclipse Chan Gailey's last two seasons in total attendance (50,617 and 50,280 per game respectively). If there were a season to do it, however, this would be the one.

If we stick purely on average attendances since 1996, I-AA games have averaged 45,097, I-A out of conference games have averaged 46,620, UNC has averaged 46,791, Maryland has averaged 44,733, Clemson has averaged 48,917, VT has averaged 51,668, and uga has averaged 50,140. That's a grand total of 333,966 total fans for 2011. Now, if we only take in to account post-expansion numbers (2003-2010), we're talking a possible increase in 22,449 fans over the season.

Now, Clemson and Georgie fans like to harp on our expansion. They call the North end zone the Clemson deck or the "do-your-sister deck" because it's typically infested with mouth breathers on Clemson and Georgie gamedays. They don't look at the numbers like I do. The two Maryland @ Tech games since 2003 had almost 11,000 more fans per game than the 1997-2001 Terp average attendance. UNC, as another example, has increased their average attendance at Tech by around 4,000 fans since the expansion.

Back to the main point. I think we have a shot at reaching the 2006-2007 attendance numbers. We need a strong start out of the gate to keep the fans engaged and a later kickoff against the Terps to make up for a possible attendance egg in Kansas at 12:30PM.

What are your thoughts? You going to every game in 2011? Are you going to any road games?